Media Maker, Social Entrepreneur, Charismatic Host

With 25+ years of media & marketing experience, Jeremiah brings a unique perspective to each campaign he is a part of. From hosting a charitable community gathering or making appearances on television, his energy is evident in all he does. His film cameos and television segments showcase his knowledge both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, and his social enterprises display his deep passion for helping people. We invite you to discover Jeremiah Stroup and learn how he can add value to you.








Started working in media for the ABC Affiliate KATU at the age of 16 as a “Teen/Youth Reporter” and attracted the attention of brands like Nike, Nordstrom, Teen People, Bad Boy Records and Dr. Martens USA. Jeremiah pitched concepts for segments, arranged shoots, produced and stared in “Teen Tuesday” segments for 5 years and become a trusted source for “What’s Hot and What’s Not” for his viewers and fans. Watch Now >


Launched a marketing organization with business partners in 2000. By the age of 26 thanks to his dedication and drive and the support of his mentors he was able to step away from his day job and run operations for Flux Live. Currently the Vice President of Flux Live, a multifaceted marketing and media organization with diverse connections and brand alliances. Jeremiah’s primary role allows him to consult on campaigns around the globe and create opportunities for other entrepreneurs and media makers.  Learn More >


Sought after emcee and special event host Jeremiah lends his talent to brands and organizations he believes in. Whether he is speaking to a handful of guests or an audience of thousands he never loses his ability to connect and personalize his message. From spectacular red carpet events to charity galas in the community, his ability to adapt and deliver is well known and probably the reason he is asked to host private and public events from New York to Hollywood.



His ever expanding portfolio of television appearances include reporting, hosting, announcing and providing expert advice. Jeremiah has interviewed national celebrities, political leaders as well as television stars and sports icons. In addition, he has hosted broadcasts from news reports to TV game shows and everything in between. His knowledge both behind the scenes and in front of the camera make him a rare breed among spokespersons and TV producers.



Music moves us all in one way or another. Jeremiah has been involved in the music scene from his early years as a performer to recent work in the recording studio with talented recording artists. From concerts to album release events, music makes up a big part of his life. His favorite roll however is introducing up-and-coming musicians who quickly turn first time listeners into fans.


Over the years, Jeremiah has been honored to represent exclusive product lines and major name brands. He is committed to presenting ideas, individuals, and brands with passion and purpose. His ability to connect with an audience and interact at a real and relevant level has allowed him to reach diverse groups through the airwaves and at live events making him a sought after specialist in communications.



Whether it was by choice or chance, Jeremiah has become one of the most sought after fashion interviewers in his class. His connections with up and coming fashion designers and rare backstage access to key fashion happenings garnered him the respect and attention of key political figures, media moguls and marketing mavens. Today, Jeremiah is seen working the Red Carpet at key events where style and fashion are as much the star of the evening as the celebrities and icons posing for the paparazzi.



  • On camera and in person, Jeremiah exudes energy and confidence. He’s also enthusiastic and upbeat. Jeremiah is highly motivated and I am certain is destined to succeed.
    Frank MungeamABC Affiliate
  • I have partnered with YM magazine, Teen People Magazine and Bad Boy Entertainment as sponsors and participants in my events. My contacts at these organizations have been impressed with Jeremiah and his skills highlighted at our events as well.
    Sydney HaighNordstrom
  • Jeremiah’s on air presence is a cut above as is his sense of humor.
    Tom FullerNBC Affiliate



Jeremiah works to shape a powerful message. Whether he is backstage at a fashion show or on a film set, Jeremiah works to create and contribute. He helps organizations or individuals get placement, share their story, and follow through with digital elements that make it stick in the minds of people.